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Let's develop
real estate

Clouds is an innovative real estate consultant and developer that unlocks the untapped potential of properties. We enhance the value of your asset without requiring you to sell or without any disturbance for the current users or tenants.

Our solution

Use of Innovative

Imagine completing the structural works of a construction project in just a matter of weeks, instead of the months or even years required by traditional solutions...

Envision constructing with materials that possess the same strength as traditional concrete but are four times lighter in weight...

of zoning

Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of local zoning laws, coupled with our knowledge of State Laws, we operate within a transparent and legal framework. This empowers us to optimize the highest and best use of your asset, ensuring the maximum developable volume and ultimately maximizing achievable profits.

Ideal assets


Owners or occupants of low-rise retail structures, standalone units, or storefront units within larger buildings frequently have no plans to sell or relocate their businesses. In such instances, our solution provides a distinctive approach to creating supplementary units while mitigating any disruption to the current units.


Low-rise multifamily properties hold the potential to integrate extra units, revamp the façade, and elevate communal spaces, all with a focus on minimizing the scale of necessary construction efforts and disturbance for the current users.

Shopping Centres

Consider the possibility of creating additional units on top of shopping centers. By doing so, residents of these units would have convenient access to all the necessary facilities, being just a few steps away from the shops. Furthermore, the presence of new inhabitants would bring additional clientele to the stores, benefiting both the residents and the businesses.


We are capable of adding additional units to existing hotels, while the inconvenience and duration of construction work are minimized. This presents an excellent opportunity for investors to acquire a share of a valuable asset or for hotel owners to expand their businesses.


By creating additional units to an existing office building, Clouds can fully leverage AAA locations and establish a unique value-add for the owner. We ensure that the impact of the construction work on other residents or tenants is kept to an absolute minimum.

Parking Complexes

Existing parking complexes provide an excellent foundation for creating additional units while simultaneously modifying the frontage to achieve a unified design. This approach allows for optimal utilization of the existing infrastructure while seamlessly integrating the new construction with the overall aesthetic of the building.

We care about your community

Less noise

Imagine a construction site where silence reigns, devoid of any drilling or cutting activities... Unlike traditional construction methods that frequently involve noisy on-site fabrication, our components are assembled almost completely soundless. This significant reduction in on-site construction activities, including cutting, drilling, and welding, substantially minimizes the noise generated during the building process. Both the occupants of the building and the neighbors surrounding the construction site will remain blissfully unaware of our presence.

Less dust

Traditional construction sites frequently suffer from dust-related issues, resulting in air pollution, health hazards, and environmental concerns. However, our construction approach significantly mitigates these problems.  We take pride in creating a significantly healthier environment for both construction site workers and the community around the construction site.

Less traffic

Gone are the days of endless truck traffic congesting construction sites and causing headaches for local residents. The lightweight nature of our elements allows for the transportation of larger quantities of construction materials in a single trip, significantly reducing the number of delivery vehicles required. Moreover, the compact size of our materials enables efficient transportation and maneuverability, minimizing road closures and disruptions typically associated with oversized loads.In addition, our construction method is designed to operate with a small team present on-site, further reducing traffic impact. With fewer workers and vehicles involved, the overall traffic congestion is significantly reduced, benefiting both the construction site and the surrounding community.

real estate

Traditional development practices often contribute to urban sprawl, as they require expanding into undeveloped or agricultural land on the outskirts of cities. We improve existing properties and optimize their potential. We prefer to use the untapped potential of existing buildings, such as residential or commercial structures, by expanding upward instead of outward. By adding additional floors or stories, developers can increase the capacity and functionality of the building without the need for new land acquisition. This approach optimizes land usage, preserving open spaces and green areas in urban environments.

We care a lot about how the improved property will architecturally look like once finished. This gives us the opportunity to make your community even more beautiful, without touching untouched land!


We are committed to using exclusively ecologically-friendly, recyclable, and non-toxic materials. By avoiding traditional construction materials, we can reduce our the carbon footprint to an absolute minium. Our construction practices focus on minimizing waste generation, as well as the energy consumption and emissions associated with on-site fabrication. The efficiency and precision of our construction techniques greatly reduce material waste, further contributing to the reduction of the building industry's carbon footprint.

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